CNBC: Muni Bonds May Still Not Be Safe From Congress

CNBC’s article states muni bonds are still in danger in congressional negotiations. Hands Off Munis for Revenue!

Forbes article highlights the MBFA and its work on the fight to protect the municipal bond tax exemption.

Investment News: Muni bond tax exemption remains a political football

Investment News reports on the muni tax exemption in the upcoming debt ceiling debate.

Bloomberg Bonds: Municipal Bonds May Get Swept Into Fiscal Changes, Deficit Reduction, Practitioners Say

Bloomberg Bonds writes about the ongoing debate over municipal bond tax exemptions.

Wells Fargo Securities 2013 Municipal Market Outlook

Wells Fargo has provided a Municipal Market Outlook for 2013, which includes an analysis of threats from the elimination or limitation of the tax exemption on municipal bonds. Download it here.

Statement from Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA) Regarding the Outcome of the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

“We are pleased that President Obama and Congress have recognized the important role municipal bonds play in financing our nation’s infrastructure, schools, housing, hospitals, power facilities, and other vital resources and have chosen to preserve the federal tax exemption for municipal bonds in the agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff,” commented Marc Jahr, Co-Chair of…
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The Bond Buyer: Threat of 28% Cap Hurting Munis Now

The Bond Buyer reports the threat of the 28% cap on the value of municipal tax exemption has caused municipal bonds to become more expensive for issuers.

New York Times: Municipalities Fight a Proposal to Tax Muni Bond Interest

The New York Times article on the “battle” to preserve the municipal tax exemption.

MBFA Sends Letters to President Obama & Leadership on Capitol Hill: Maintain Tax Exemption for Municipal Bonds

Today, the Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA) coalition sent a letter to President Obama and House and Senate Leadership urging them to maintain the tax exempt status of municipal bonds. MBFA specifically warns leadership of the negative consequence of limiting the value of the tax exemption and urges them to ensure it does not become part of any deal to address the fiscal cliff.

SCNow: South Carolina Mayors Worry Over Goring of Tax-Exempt Bond Cow

South Carolina mayors express disapproval over President Obama’s proposal to cap the tax exemption on municipal bonds.

Model Resolutions for State and Local Governments

MBFA member Steven Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, has shared an approved resolution opposing any limits from Congress on the use of tax-exempt bonds by state and local governments.  Please click on the link below to access the resolution. Download PDF In addition, MBFA member RTA has shared an approved resolution opposing any limits…
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Texas Municipal League: Municipal bonds threatened by federal tax reform

The Texas Municipal League distributed a news release on Friday warning that “if the tax exemption is eliminated or reduced, the cost of nearly every public construction project will increase – not only for cities but also for counties, school districts and states.”

George Friedlander and Tom Kozlik to lead Municipal Bonds For America Technical Advisory Committee

The Sacramento Bee’s article highlighting MBFA and its Technical Advisory Committee.

Muni Tax Break Under Threat from Bipartisan Scrutiny in Congress

Limits on municipal bonds tax exemptions are being considered as part of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

MBFA Announces Leaders of Coalition Technical Advisory Committee

Citigroup Chief Municipal Strategist George Friedlander and Janney Montgomery Scott Director and Municipal Credit Analyst Tom Kozlik will lead MBFA’s Technical Advisory Committee.

Muni-Bond Tax Break Could Go “Off Cliff”

MarketWatch article mentions MBFA as a group rallying support from state and local political leaders who warn against municipal bond tax exemptions.

The Fiscal Cliff, Post Issuance Compliance and More’s article highlights MBFA as a coalition fighting tax exemption threats to avoid the “fiscal cliff”.

NLC Leaders Meet with President Obama on Fiscal Cliff

Leaders of the NLC went to the White House today to hear from President Obama on the local implications of the “fiscal cliff” and the need for swift action.

Muni Bond Tax Breaks On Table in Cliff Talks

(December 11, 2012) In the fiscal-cliff debate, both Republicans and Democrats are showing a willingness to consider taxing at least a portion of the municipal bond interest paid to higher-income households. Download Wall Street Journal article here.

Get rid of the muni tax break? Then get ready for higher property taxes

Investment News takes a closer look at the realities of eliminating the tax exempt status of municipal bonds.
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