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MBFA Submits Statement to the Tax Reform Working Groups

Today the MBFA submitted a statement to the House Ways and Means tax reform working groups on Debt, Equity and Capital (Reps. Marchant (R-TX) and McDermott (D-WA)); Financial Services (Reps. Smith (R-NE) and Larson (D-CT)); and Charitable and Exempt Organizations (Reps. Reichert (R-WA) and Lewis (D-GA)). Click here to view the statement.

MBFA’s Reaction to President Obama’s FY 2014 Budget Plan

The MBFA is disappointed with the proposed FY 2014 budget plan that limits the value of interest earned on municipal bonds to 28 percent. Read more here.

MBFA Applauds Introduction of Resolution Recognizing Important Role of Municipal Bonds

Download MBFA’s Full Statement Here Download the Resolution Here Encourage your Congressman to Cosponsor the Resolution – learn how here

Local Leaders Issue Report: Protecting Bonds to Save Infrastructure and Jobs

A report identifying the importance of municipal bonds used in our communities to maintain existing infrastructure, expand economic development projects and to create jobs in our communities.

Statement from MBFA in Response to the President’s State of the Union Address

We strongly encourage the Administration and Congress to work cooperatively to preserve the tax-exempt status for municipal bonds.

MBFA Releases Analysis: 28% Cap Limits Future Economic Growth

An analysis released today by the Municipal Bonds for America coalition concludes that a proposal favored by the Obama Administration and some in Congress to establish a 28% limit on the value of deductions and exemptions would do little to help solve the nation’s fiscal crises while raising borrowing costs for state and local governments, limiting infrastructure development and constraining the type of economic or job growth that is essential to addressing the federal government’s fiscal crisis.

Statement from Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA) Regarding the Outcome of the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

“We are pleased that President Obama and Congress have recognized the important role municipal bonds play in financing our nation’s infrastructure, schools, housing, hospitals, power facilities, and other vital resources and have chosen to preserve the federal tax exemption for municipal bonds in the agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff,” commented Marc Jahr, Co-Chair of…
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MBFA Sends Letters to President Obama & Leadership on Capitol Hill: Maintain Tax Exemption for Municipal Bonds

Today, the Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA) coalition sent a letter to President Obama and House and Senate Leadership urging them to maintain the tax exempt status of municipal bonds. MBFA specifically warns leadership of the negative consequence of limiting the value of the tax exemption and urges them to ensure it does not become part of any deal to address the fiscal cliff.

NLC Leaders Meet with President Obama on Fiscal Cliff

Leaders of the NLC went to the White House today to hear from President Obama on the local implications of the “fiscal cliff” and the need for swift action.

Muni Bond Tax Breaks On Table in Cliff Talks

(December 11, 2012) In the fiscal-cliff debate, both Republicans and Democrats are showing a willingness to consider taxing at least a portion of the municipal bond interest paid to higher-income households. Download Wall Street Journal article here.

MBFA Sends Letter to Tax Committee Leadership in Congress

An MBFA letter to top tax committee leadership in Congress defending the tax exemption on municipal bonds. Download PDF

Built By Bonds

An overview authored by the Council of Development Finance Agencies of how the preservation of tax-exempt bonds fuels America’s investment in job creation, education, infrastructure, healthcare, housing, energy, manufacturing and agriculture. Download PDF

Sequestration Memo

A summary prepared by Nixon Peabody on the potential ramifications of sequestration on BABs and other direct pay bonds & implications for tax reform. Download PDF

Letter from Joint Committee on Taxation

A Joint Committee on Taxation memorandum to the Senate Finance Committee analyzes the revenue effects and tradeoffs from, collectively, (1) repeal of the alternative minimum tax, (2) repeal of the overall limitation on itemized deductions for certain taxpayers, (3) repealing all itemized deductions; (4) taxing capital gains and dividends as ordinary income, and (5) repealing…
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