MUNIS at Work

Infrastructure in America: Munis Since 1812


School Bond Finances Substantial Improvements for Ashland-Greenwood (NE) School District

The Ashland-Greenwood Public school district, a quickly growing area covering portions of Saunders, Cass, and Sarpy County in eastern Nebraska, needed more school space to ensure its residents continue receiving quality education in schools that can handle the robust population growth. Due to many new developments in the area, the tax assessment base during the last 10 years increased by 6% annually.


General Obligation Bonds Finance Major Redevelopment in Waukegan Illinois

In November 2014, the city of Waukegan, IL adopted an ordinance to finance the project to redevelop the McGaw Business Center Redevelopment. Over the first 11 months of the project, eleven buildings including over one million square feet of the former Cardinal Health campus were demolished paving way for the project. The project has already greatly increased property tax revenues for the city, and the number is expected to rise much higher. Along with the increased taxes received, the project is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the area, further boosting the economic impact.