News and Political Intel on Federal Infrastructure Legislation

DC Update: Sweeping Muni Legislation Introduced in House

Last night,  Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL) introduced the “Local  Infrastructure Financing Tools (LIFT) Act“ with support of the BDA, MBFA and the Public Finance Network.The legislation is a sweeping muni focused package[…]

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DC Update: Biden Administration Ignores the Tax-Exemption in 2025 Tax Priorities

For the second consecutive year, the Biden Administration failed to promote the tax-exemption in its FY 2025 Treasury Green Book– an annual release of the Administrations tax priorities.  While the Biden White House has promoted infrastructure investment throughout this[…]

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Calls Grow for Elimination of Tax-Exemption in TCJA Revamp

The Municipal Bonds for America coalition continues to lay the groundwork for a proactive advocacy effort to promote and protect munis as chatter in DC on proposals to extend the Tax Cuts and[…]

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Congress Returns to DC as Fiscal Cliff Looms – MBFA Continues Advocating for Key Muni Provisions in Infrastructure Legislation

Both chambers of Congress this week return to DC after an extended August recess to face a growing number of potential crises prior to continued work to advance duel infrastructure[…]

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Ways and Means to Debate Muni Provisions Today – MBFA Continues to Advocate for Key Priorities

This morning, the House Committee on Ways and Means will host a hearing to “mark-up” or debate and amend the tax portion of the budget reconciliation package.  This weekend, Chairman Richard Neal[…]

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Senate Negotiators Push to Delay Infrastructure Vote – Key Differences May Imperil Bipartisan Legislation

This afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Schumer is expected to bring the bipartisan infrastructure agreement to the floor for a vote of cloture, a vote that would advance the agreement to[…]

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