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DC Update: Biden Administration Ignores the Tax-Exemption in 2025 Tax Priorities

For the second consecutive year, the Biden Administration failed to promote the tax-exemption in its FY 2025 Treasury Green Book– an annual release of the Administrations tax priorities.  While the Biden White House has promoted infrastructure investment throughout this term, the lack of prioritization of muni’sheading into the election and likely Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is concerning. This follows a policy paper from the…
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Bonds Receive Bipartisan Support in Senate Hearing – House to Host Muni Hearing Today

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee hosted a hearing titled, Funding and Financing Options to Bolster American Infrastructure.  While the hearing covered a wide variety of funding and financing measures, bonds were at the center of many bipartisan agreements.  The House Committee on Ways and Means will host a similar hearing later this morning.  The MBFA…
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MBFA Meets with Key Hill and Administration Staff Promoting Muni Priorities

The Municipal Bonds for America Council hosted a “virtual fly-in” for Steering Committee members over the past week.  The meetings focused on municipal bonds in the context of infrastructure financing and proved productive as both Congress and the Administration have begun to take concrete steps towards the introduction of a massive infrastructure package. The MBFA met with…
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